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T&M Management Services is regarded as a leading Facilities Management provider within the Sydney metropolitan and the greater NSW areas.  A key reason for this is due to our absolute commitment to the delivery of specialised services to our strata clients. The following are a small sample of just a few of our recent significant competencies and achievements:

Examples of T&M Managed Major building upgrades

The below examples of Capital Works upgrades provides a small snapshot of major works carried out regularly within T&M managed strata schemes. these works in most cases were scoped by the Building/Facility Management team and in some cases in conjunction with appointed consultant engineers to assist with the scope formulation prior to the issuing of the request for tender (RFT) being issued to the marketplace. The RFT assessments are often carried out with subcommittee member participation as part of the assessment panel and under the supervision and guidance of T&M’s senior leadership team.  

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