King & Phillip

Intersection of King, Phillip and Elizabeth Streets
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King & Phillip is a premium Sydney CBD apartment project being developed jointly with Host Plus. The site is located at the intersection of King, Phillip and Elizabeth Streets, set amongst an iconic Sydney heritage precinct (St James Church, Supreme Court Building, Hyde Park Barracks and St Marys Cathedral) and enjoys sweeping views across Hyde Park. The site was acquired in 2015 and following Stage 1 DA approval in December 2015 a competitive design process was undertaken in 2016 with the successful design by FJMT chosen by the selection panel. A Stage 2 DA was lodged in August 2016 reflecting FJMT’s striking design and final DA approval for 105 premium units and high-end ground floor retail space was obtained in 2017. Demolition of the existing Sydney University Law School commenced in 2018 followed by the construction of the apartments which are scheduled for completion around November 2020.

T& M Management Services Pty Ltd provide the following services to “King & Phillip.”:

  • Full time Building Management Services
  • Full time Concierge Services
  • Full time Residential Cleaning Services
Services Provided: Year Started:
Building Management Services 2021
Concierge Services 2021

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