Our Team

Our leadership team brings together the considerable strength, innovative culture and corporate experience required to support T&M’s ability to achieve the class leading solutions for our clients drive continuous improvement in the Facilities Management, Concierge and Resident Services sectors.

Terry Hailey

Company Director
14 years Facilities Management Industry Expertise

Meghan Hailey

Company Director
11 years Strata Management & Compliance Management Expertise

Luke Perrin

Group General Manager
7 years Strata/Branch Management Expertise & 6 years global facilities, real estate & corporate operations management expertise

Luke is responsible for all the activities within the organisation which contribute to the effective production of industry leading facilities management and building services.

Shaun Battley

Senior Facilities Manager
10 years mechanical & hydraulic services expertise | 7 years facilities management expertise

Shaun is responsible for the provision of the daily management of contractors on all sites. Our senior facilities manager provides technical & mechanical advice and support to all T&M Managed sites in addition to being accountable for ensuring all sites are compliant with local, state and federal government requirements.

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