Seymour Residences

Corner of Pacific Hwy & William St, Roseville
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Building Management

T&M have been appointed pre-completion to Seymours Residences. A new development, with completion expected in the third quarter of 2022. The property will consist of the following entities: 1x Retail Stratum Lot consisting of 5 retail lots which is intended to be retained by the Developer 1x Strata Scheme consisting of 112 apartments 1x overarching Building Management Committee. The property will consist of 7 levels aboveground and 2 basement levels, with a heritage component within the retail component, communal courtyards and 3x lifts servicing the building.

T& M Management Services Pty Ltd will provide the following services to “Seymour’s Residences”

  • Building Management Services
  • Cleaning Services
Services Provided: Year Started:
Building Management Services 2023
Cleaning Services 2023

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